IJG  Vol.5 No.6 , May 2014
Estimation of Subsidence in Po Delta Area (Northern Italy) by Integration of GPS Data, High-Precision Leveling and Archival Orthometric Elevations

Subsidence in a deformation area can be measured in various ways, examples being conventional high-precision leveling, differential InSAR and multi-temporal GPS surveys. Integration of methods can improve results, and is crucial to extract high-precision data. In particular, orthometric and ellipsoid elevations, surveyed at different moments in time, can be compared to yield information on vertical movements when geoid anomalies are known. However, a data checking procedure must be applied if archival orthometric elevations are used, because long-term measurements for many historical benchmarks may have been lost and/or replaced with other points, but at different elevations. This type of checking can be carried out over an area without gravimetric anomalies by modeling geoid undulations and vertical displacements in the time-span used for analysis, excluding points with anomalous values. This procedure was tested and applied in the Po Delta area (northern Italy), historically subject to high subsidence rates: the leveling benchmarks of 1983 were measured with the GPS technique in 2008. After checking of archival data and transformation from ellipsoid to orthometric elevations, comparisons of the same points and interpolations on the study area provided a subsidence map for the 1983-2008 period.

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Fabris, M. , Achilli, V. and Menin, A. (2014) Estimation of Subsidence in Po Delta Area (Northern Italy) by Integration of GPS Data, High-Precision Leveling and Archival Orthometric Elevations. International Journal of Geosciences, 5, 571-585. doi: 10.4236/ijg.2014.56052.
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