OJFD  Vol.4 No.2 , June 2014
Numerical Calculation of the Horizontal Stress Difference of Viscous-Elastic Fluid Acting on the Residual Oil in Micro Pore
Abstract: In order to analyze the microscopic theory of viscous-elastic fluid flooding residual oil, the flow equation of polymer solution in the micro pore can be derived by selecting upper-convected Maxwell constitutive equation, continuity equation and motion equation. Then, the flow velocity field and stress field can be calculated under the boundary condition, and with the theory of stress tensor, the horizontal stress difference of polymer solution acting on the residual oil can be calculated. The results show that the greater the elasticity of viscous-elastic fluid is, the wider the flow channel is, the greater the horizontal stress difference is. The force acting on residual oil by viscous-elastic fluid can be increased by increasing the concentration of the polymer solution.
Cite this paper: Liu, L. , Yang, S. , Wang, L. , Xu, D. , Zhao, L. and Cui, Y. (2014) Numerical Calculation of the Horizontal Stress Difference of Viscous-Elastic Fluid Acting on the Residual Oil in Micro Pore. Open Journal of Fluid Dynamics, 4, 120-124. doi: 10.4236/ojfd.2014.42010.

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