JACEN  Vol.3 No.2 B , April 2014
Technological Experiments for the Enhancement of Glycerol Content in High Quality Wines

The glycerol content of grape juices and wines has been determined by gas-chromatographic methods using silyl derivatives. The effect of different storage conditions and yeast cultures on glycerol content has been investigated. Grape juice samples with different starting D-Glucose concentrations have been treated with several additives (HPO42?, S2O52?, NADH and HSO3?). Significant glycerol concentration enhancement has been detected in the case of the addition of NADH (5.14 g/L), however the presence of HSO3? prevented the excessive glycerol formation (1.21 g/L).

Cite this paper: Csutorás, C. , Hudák, O. , Rácz, K. and Rácz, L. (2014) Technological Experiments for the Enhancement of Glycerol Content in High Quality Wines. Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment, 3, 48-52. doi: 10.4236/jacen.2014.32B008.

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