JMP  Vol.5 No.7 , April 2014
Fine Structure Analysis of the Configuration System of V II. Part I: Even-Parity Levels
Abstract: Using a linked-parameter technique of level-fitting calculations in a multi configuration basis, a parametric analysis of fine structure (fs) for even-parity levels of V II, involving six configurations, has been performed. This led us to exchange the assignments of two triplets, 3d3(2F)4s c 3F and 3d4 d 3F, reported in earlier analyses as being located at 30,300 cm-1 and 30,600 cm-1, respectively. This is confirmed by experimental hyperfine structure (hfs) A constants, used as fingerprints. Moreover, the current singlet 3d24s2 1D2 position is likely too high. The fs parameters, magnetic Landé g-factors, and the percentage of leading eigenvectors of levels are calculated. We present also predicted singlet, triplet and quintet positions for missing experimental levels up to 100,000 cm-1. The single-electron hfs parameters are determined in their entirety for 51V II for the model space (3d + 4s)4 with good accuracy. For the model space (3d + 4s)4 of 51V II the single-electron hfs parameters are computed; furthermore, our achieved theoretical evaluations of the single-electron hfs parameters, thanks to the use of ab initio calculations, reinforce the validity of these hfs parameter values, deduced from experimental data.
Cite this paper: Bouazza, S. , Holt, R. , Rosner, D. and Armstrong, N. (2014) Fine Structure Analysis of the Configuration System of V II. Part I: Even-Parity Levels. Journal of Modern Physics, 5, 497-510. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2014.57061.

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