IJG  Vol.5 No.4 , April 2014
Spatial Intra-Annual Variability of Precipitation Based on Geostatistics. A Case Study for the Paraiba Do Sul Basin, Southeastern Brazil
Abstract: The emphasis in this research is to evaluate the spatial distribution of the precipitation using a geostatistics approach. Seasonal time scales records considering DJF, MAM, JJA e SON periods performed the analysis. Procedures to evaluate the variogram selection and to produce kriging maps were performed in a GIS environment . The results showed that kriging method was very suitable to detect both large changes in the whole area as those local small and subtle changes. Kriging demonstrated be a powerful statistical interpolation method that might be very useful in regions with great complexity in climatology and geomorphology.
Cite this paper: Silva, W. and Simões, S. (2014) Spatial Intra-Annual Variability of Precipitation Based on Geostatistics. A Case Study for the Paraiba Do Sul Basin, Southeastern Brazil. International Journal of Geosciences, 5, 408-417. doi: 10.4236/ijg.2014.54039.

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