JPEE  Vol.2 No.4 , April 2014
Research on Evaluating Index of Lightning Protection Safety Performance of High Voltage Overhead Transmission Line
Abstract: In order to improve the lightning protection performance of transmission lines, lightning protection management has been divided into every tower that lightning protection performance has been evaluated respectively. According to factors such as landform, span, tower type, grounding resistance, isolator type, and so on, relative ratio of tripping operation of every tower in the line
has been calculated to evaluate its lightning protection safety performance, it is beneficial to operation maintenance and lightning reconstruction of transmission lines.
Cite this paper: Luo, Y. , Jiang, J. , Nong, Y. and Li, S. (2014) Research on Evaluating Index of Lightning Protection Safety Performance of High Voltage Overhead Transmission Line. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 2, 680-686. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2014.24091.

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