OJG  Vol.4 No.4 , April 2014
Study on Formation Mechanism of Dumping Piles on Dumping Area Stability
Abstract: Dumping areas represent a stable hazard. To clarify the formation mechanism of dumping piles on dumping area stability, an investigation in open pit mine was performed. Moreover, experiments with gravel were conducted based on the research site conditions. The geological conditions, dumping operation, and waste particle size distribution were investigated in the Heidaigou open pit mine. Particle size distribution, dumping height, dumping volume, and floor inclination were varied to examine their effects on a single pile formation. The design of blasting can be modified to make the particle size of waste smaller. The volume of the bucket does not have a pronounced effect on dumping pile repose angle, capacity of dumping pile, and dumping area stability. The smaller the floor inclination, the better it is. Two measures are proposed to increase the kinetic force of friction between waste material and floor surface. The interval distance, dumping volume and dumping height were also varied to examine the interaction between the formations of multiple piles. The dumping width should be decided through optimization efficiency of bulldozer and dumping device in bucket wheel excavator-belt-stacker dumping operation and dragline dumping operation. Moreover, the volume of the bucket does not have a pronounced interaction effect. In the dumping operation, the work amount of bulldozer decreases as dumping pile increases. The design of the dumping operation must consider the total efficiency of ground leveling operation and forming dumping the area.
Cite this paper: Zhang, D. , Inoue, N. , Sasaoka, T. , Shimada, H. , Hamanaka, A. and Matsui, K. (2014) Study on Formation Mechanism of Dumping Piles on Dumping Area Stability. Open Journal of Geology, 4, 161-175. doi: 10.4236/ojg.2014.44012.

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