IJCM  Vol.5 No.8 , April 2014
Is T1-2 Disc Herniation Rare? A Case Report
Abstract: Backround: The English literature contains very few reports on disc herniation at upper thoracic levels. This report presents a patient with T1-2 disc herniation who underwent successful surgery. Case Presentation: A 47-year-old female presented that the right T1 root was compressed by foraminal disc herniation at the T1-2 level. Conclusion: The anterior approach is an easy and appropriate method to treat central and foraminal disc herniation of the thoracic spine.
Cite this paper: Aydin, M. , Akçay, E. and Yurt, A. (2014) Is T1-2 Disc Herniation Rare? A Case Report. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 5, 444-446. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2014.58061.

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