OJAS  Vol.4 No.2 , April 2014
A New Species of Troglohyphantes (Araneae: Linyphiidae) from a Turkish Cave
Abstract: The spider family Linyphiidae comprises 104 species in Turkey that of them eight species are known from the caves, we recently started to conduct intensive taxonomic and faunistic studies on this family. The genus Troglohyphantes was described in 1882 by Joseph as a cave spider from Carniola in western Slovenia. Members of this genus inhabited cave environment, neighbouring habitat and some species of them are true troglobites. A new species of Troglohyphantes Joseph 1881 is described from Turkey. Differences between the new species and related species are discussed. Troglohyphantes turcicus sp. n. (Araneae: Linyphiidae) is described from Buzluk cave in Turkey. Drawing of characteristic features, the male palpal organs and the female genitalia are presented. Key to the species of Troglohyphantes group is given including in T. turcicus sp. n.
Cite this paper: Topçu, A. , Türkeş, T. , Seyyar, O. , Demircan, N. and Karabulut, H. (2014) A New Species of Troglohyphantes (Araneae: Linyphiidae) from a Turkish Cave. Open Journal of Animal Sciences, 4, 85-91. doi: 10.4236/ojas.2014.42012.

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