NS  Vol.3 No.3 , March 2011
Longitudinal dispersion with constant source concentration along unsteady groundwater flow in finite aquifer: analytical solution with pulse type boundary condition
Abstract: Analytical solution is obtained to predict the contaminant concentration with presence and absence of pollution source in finite aquifer subject to constant point source concentration. A longitudinal dispersion along unsteady groundwater flow in homogeneous and finite aquifer is considered which is initially solute free that is, aquifer is supposed to be clean. The constant source concentration in intermediate portion of the aquifer system is considered with pulse type boundary condition and at the other end of the aquifer, concentration gradient is supposed to be zero. The Laplace Transformation Technique (LTT) is used to obtain the analytical solution of the formulated solute transport model with suitable initial and boundary conditions. The time varying velocities are considered. Analytical solutions are perhaps most useful for benchmarking the numerical codes and models. It may be used as the preliminary predictive tools for groundwater management.
Cite this paper: Singh, M. , Mahato, N. and Singh, P. (2011) Longitudinal dispersion with constant source concentration along unsteady groundwater flow in finite aquifer: analytical solution with pulse type boundary condition. Natural Science, 3, 186-192. doi: 10.4236/ns.2011.33024.

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