AM  Vol.5 No.6 , April 2014
Some Remarks on the Non-Abelian Fourier Transform in Crossover Designs in Clinical Trials
Abstract: Let G be a non-abelian group and let l2(G) be a finite dimensional Hilbert space of all complex valued functions for which the elements of G form the (standard) orthonormal basis. In our paper we prove results concerning G-decorrelated decompositions of functions in l2(G). These G-decorrelated decompositions are obtained using the G-convolution either by the irreducible characters of the group G or by an orthogonal projection onto the matrix entries of the irreducible representations of the group G. Applications of these G-decorrelated decompositions are given to crossover designs in clinical trials, in particular the William’s 6×3 design with 3 treatments. In our example, the underlying group is the symmetric group S3.
Cite this paper: Zizler, P. (2014) Some Remarks on the Non-Abelian Fourier Transform in Crossover Designs in Clinical Trials. Applied Mathematics, 5, 917-927. doi: 10.4236/am.2014.56087.

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