IJAA  Vol.4 No.1 , March 2014
Structure of Relatively Accelerating Universe

This article is about the structure of expanding universe. Here I am trying to create a structural model of universe according to my thoughts. Studies showthat universe is accelerating its rate of expansion. Here I am trying to get some conclusions according to my thoughts. In my opinion, our universe is under a gravitational frame with all the matters in it. In this gravitational frame of universe we can consider our universe as a closed system and the empty space outside the frame as an open system. There are two possibilities we can find. One is relative motion of the objects inside the frame. By this way we can feel the universe is accelerating its expansion, but it is not. Another one is the vacuum energy absorption and negative pressure inside the frame. According to this thought, we can say that universe is accelerating and it can continue its motion at present conditions on it, even the force created by the big bang is decreasing. The other point is that, once the absorbed vacuum can create a negative pressure inside the frame, there is no need for the concept of dark energy in our universe [1]. According to this model, negative pressure inside the frame will be created by the absorbed vacuum from the space. So the existence of dark energy can be questioned. In this model, dark energy doesn't play any role in the expansion or rate of acceleration on the expansion of universe. So the dark energy doesn’t exist in this model. During the absorption of vacuum to the frame, it will increase the volume of the frame. It will create free spaces inside the frame to accommodate the vacuum inside the frame. The rest of the absorbed vacuum will move to the center of the frame by the action against gravity and the force created by the big bang. It will increase the density of the absorbed vacuum in the center and can create the negative pressure on the frame to pull it outside to the empty space. It will cause the acceleration on expansion of universe. These things are explained deeply in this article. And here it also explains the destiny of universe according to the frame and expansion of universe.

Cite this paper: Sebastian, A. (2014) Structure of Relatively Accelerating Universe. International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 4, 165-177. doi: 10.4236/ijaa.2014.41015.