Health  Vol.6 No.7 , March 2014
Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Evidence-Based Health Education
Abstract: The number of deaths associated with cardiovascular events remains constant in many countries due to new therapeutic approaches for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. This condition is widely attributable to unhealthy outcomes in its association with risk factors such as smoking and sedentary behavior. Risk factors play a significant role in the progression of coronary artery disease. We conducted a review of the literature with the purpose of identifying primary risk factors for coronary disease, life change interventions, and expectations for a reduction in cardiovascular events on the basis of evidence-based health education strategies. In addition, we sought to contextualize this review so that nurses are trained to use these findings in their practice at different levels of care.
Cite this paper: Saffi, M. , da Silva Pokorski, S. and Rabelo-Silva, E. (2014) Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Evidence-Based Health Education. Health, 6, 625-631. doi: 10.4236/health.2014.67081.

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