NM  Vol.5 No.1 , March 2014
Immunolocalization of Ephexin-1 in the Developing Canine Cerebellum

Ephexin-1 functions as guanine nucleotide exchange factors for the Rho-type GTPases which have important roles in neuronal development including axon guidance, migration, morphogenesis, and plasticity of neurons. As little is known about ephexin-1 in the cerebellum, we investigated the immunolocalization of ephexin-1 in the developing canine cerebellum. While the cellular maturation was followed by the temporal pattern, the calbindin D-28k and ephexin-1 immunoreactivities gradually increased in developing canine cerebellum. When compared to the calbindin D-28k immunoreactivities, belated ephexin-1 immunolocalization was observed in the Purkinje cells which aligned a single layer during cerebellar development. These results suggest that ephexin-1 might play an important role in the development of the Purkinje cells during the first two postnatal weeks based on its immunolocalization in the present study.

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Park, H. , Chang, I. , Kim, H. and Yoon, S. (2014) Immunolocalization of Ephexin-1 in the Developing Canine Cerebellum. Neuroscience and Medicine, 5, 9-14. doi: 10.4236/nm.2014.51002.
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