OJTS  Vol.4 No.1 , March 2014
Glomus Tumors of the Lung: Diagnostic Considerations and Treatment
Glomus tumors derive from the glomus cell around arteriovenous anastomosis. These are rare tumors and when found are most common in the deep dermis of the extremities. In rarer cases still they have been reported to be found in the lung. These are most commonly incidental findings of solitary lesions of the lung with a pre-operative differential diagnosis of non-small cell carcinomas and carcinoids. Due to the rare nature of these tumors, they are rarely considered in the differential diagnosis and are also often misdiagnosed at the time of frozen section. We present three cases of glomus tumors of the lung with emphasis on the consideration of the method of diagnosis, histological findings and management.

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Lodhia, J. , Christensen, T. , Trotter, S. and Bishay, E. (2014) Glomus Tumors of the Lung: Diagnostic Considerations and Treatment. Open Journal of Thoracic Surgery, 4, 5-8. doi: 10.4236/ojts.2014.41002.
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