MR  Vol.2 No.1 , January 2014
Microscopic Study of Defect Luminescence between 0.72 - 0.85 eV by Optical Microscopy
Abstract: In this contribution, an experimental setup to investigate the defect luminescence between 0.72 - 0.85 eV of single defects in Silicon by optical microscopy is introduced. For this purpose, an optical microscope is equipped with an InGaAs CCD detector and a longpass filter with a cut-off wavelength at 1450 nm in order to filter out the band-to-band luminescence at around 1.1 eV. Grain boundaries showing homogeneous distributed defect luminescence can be localized at a μm-scale.
Cite this paper: Lausch, D. and Hagendorf, C. (2014) Microscopic Study of Defect Luminescence between 0.72 - 0.85 eV by Optical Microscopy. Microscopy Research, 2, 9-12. doi: 10.4236/mr.2014.21002.

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