CRCM  Vol.3 No.1 , January 2014
Long-axis rotational volvulus in an ileal J-pouch anal anastomosis: A preventable rare complication
Abstract: Puropose: This study was designed to report a very rare long-term complication of ileal-Jpouch anal anastomosis: An 180 degree longaxial rotational volvulus causing J pouch obstruction. Methods: An Ovid and Medline search using the following keywords was performed: J pouch ileoanal anastomosis, J-pouch ileoanal anastomosis complications, J-pouch volvulus, J-pouch complications, restorative proctocolectomy complications, and restorative proctocolectomy volvulus. One J-pouch ileoanal anastomosis 180° volvulus report was found [1]. Result: We describe a long-axis 180° rotational volvulus complication of a J-pouch ileoanal anastomosis. The J pouch was performed three years prior after the laparoscopic total proctocolectomy for chronic ulcerative colitis. Pouch excision and new ileoanal J-pouch surgery were then performed along with pexy using alloderm mesh placement with excellent outcomes. Conclusion: Long-axis 180° rotational volvulus is a rare complication of a J-pouch ileoanal anastomosis. Pouch dysfunction after a long-axis rotational volvulus is an uncommon cause of acute abdomen. Lack of adhesions and pouch size are risk factors for the pouch torsion. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are essential for the pouch salvage. Simple abdominal x-ray, barium enema and CT scan represent important tools for diagnosis. Salvage surgery should be performed even if detorsion and decompression of the affected bowel are achieved. Surgery has excellent outcomes if performed after the prompt diagnosis. Pouch pexy should be done to prevent recurrent volvulus.
Cite this paper: George, V. and Fajardo, A. (2014) Long-axis rotational volvulus in an ileal J-pouch anal anastomosis: A preventable rare complication. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 3, 28-31. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2014.31007.

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