MSCE  Vol.2 No.1 , January 2014
The Effect of Pressure on the Synthesis of Graphene Layers in the Flame

The results of the study of the formation of graphene layers in the flame in premixed flame propane or butane-oxygen mixture on a nickel substrate at atmospheric pressure and low pressure are given. The influence of the ratio C/O and supply quantity of argon on the formation of graphene layers were researched. It is shown that in the flame of propane and butane on a nickel substrate is observed under these conditions the formation of predominantly 3 - 10 layers of graphene.

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Prikhodko, N. , Auyelkhankyzy, M. , Lesbayev, B. and Mansurov, Z. (2014) The Effect of Pressure on the Synthesis of Graphene Layers in the Flame. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 2, 13-19. doi: 10.4236/msce.2014.21003.
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