CE  Vol.4 No.12 A , December 2013
Applying Quantification of Qualitative Verbal Data to Asynchronous Written Discourse
Abstract: As more and more universities start to implement online components, the need to build online learning communities grows. An important and widely used type of online community is the internet forum. Internet forums operate asynchronously and each member can create threads and reply to others threads. Examination of each member’s writings can give valuable insight into the online community and the learning that is taking place within. This paper systematizes a method for researchers to investigate discussions on online forums. More specifically this paper lays out an 8-step process that a researcher may follow when investigating discussions on online forums.
Cite this paper: Costley, J. & Han, S. (2013). Applying Quantification of Qualitative Verbal Data to Asynchronous Written Discourse. Creative Education, 4, 1-8. doi: 10.4236/ce.2013.412A1001.

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