AS  Vol.4 No.12 , December 2013
The patterns and risks for disease spreading of cattle movement in China

In order to reduce the risks for the spread of disease in cattle movements, we investigated China’s cattle breeding and movement pattern, analyzed risk factors of disease infection caused by long-distance movement, explored the relevant risk management measures and conjectured the direction of cattle movement based on the regional distribution of cattle inventory and beef price. We also constructed a market value chain in live cattle movements and qualitatively analyzed the risks for unapparent infection in the process of movement. Meanwhile, we put forward a long-term policy of reducing the risks for unapparent infection and animal health supervision measures.

Cite this paper: Sun, X. , Liu, Y. , Wang, Y. , Li, P. , Guo, A. , Jia, Z. , Wang, X. , Zhang, H. , Zhang, J. , Yu, Y. , Sun, Y. and Huang, B. (2013) The patterns and risks for disease spreading of cattle movement in China. Agricultural Sciences, 4, 694-700. doi: 10.4236/as.2013.412094.

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