OJPed  Vol.3 No.4 , December 2013
Omental cysts in children: Rare causes of abdominal masses (a report of two cases)
Abstract: Background: Omental cysts are the least common variety of intraabdominal cystic lesions encountered in children. They are often identified incidentally, although they may also cause acute abdominal pain. Case Report: We describe here two girls with omental cysts with very unusual clinical presentations. Conclusion: The majority of omental cysts are discovered incidentally. Overall results in pediatric patients are favourable. Optimal surgical management mandates complete excision.
Cite this paper: Bassiouny, I. and Abbas, T. (2013) Omental cysts in children: Rare causes of abdominal masses (a report of two cases). Open Journal of Pediatrics, 3, 418-421. doi: 10.4236/ojped.2013.34075.

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