ENG  Vol.5 No.10 B , October 2013
Stepwise Confidence Interval Method for MTD Studies with Binomial Populations
Abstract: Now we extend one method into a sequence of binomial data, propose a stepwise confidence interval method for toxic-ity study, and also in our paper, two methods of constructing intervals for the risk difference are proposed. The first one is based on the well-known conditional confidence intervals for odds ratio, and the other one comes from Santner“small-sample confidence intervals for the difference of two success probabilities”, and it produces exact intervals, through employing our method.
Cite this paper: Yu, N. , Tang, X. and Wang, H. (2013) Stepwise Confidence Interval Method for MTD Studies with Binomial Populations. Engineering, 5, 463-466. doi: 10.4236/eng.2013.510B095.

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