ABC  Vol.3 No.6 , December 2013
An experimental proposal for low order laboratory animals’ extension of metabolic life

Essential bibliography, with therein references included, is presented owing to the contribution of the author groups to Mitochondrial Filamentation, which is a new emerging field of physiological energy metabolism. These studies provide the first seed concept for trials to extend the metabolic life, for a few days, in low order laboratory mammals killed by electrocution, as a first type of accidental death. It is proposed, essentially, to cool out the corpses very soon after death at 12oC-14oC and take advantage of the effect super magnetism to counteract the force of gravity to install a net recurrent cycle of oxygen consumption and oxygen production by filamented mitochondria in all the organism tissues. Once the cause of death had been corrected adequately, it is possible to try the reanimation to experience the full life of the corpse with highly sophisticated methodology.


Cite this paper: Gosalvez, M. (2013) An experimental proposal for low order laboratory animals’ extension of metabolic life. Advances in Biological Chemistry, 3, 536-540. doi: 10.4236/abc.2013.36060.

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