NS  Vol.5 No.11 , November 2013
Superficial tribological transformation of a ferritic stainless steel by dynamic microindentation
Abstract: Currently, the stainless steel starts to widen its fields of application in an extraordinary way in medicine and surgery, in the domestic utensils (flatware) and in heavy industry (petrochemistry, nuclear industry and transport). This work consists of making an experimental study on a type of ferritic stainless steel having undergone the test of the microindentation at controlled load and knowing the Superficial Tribological Transformations (STT) caused by this test. It is supposed that it is a simulation with the damages caused on the stainless steels which are in the environment (the effect of hail) or in industry (shot-blasting of the turbines). The analysis of the repeated shocks is based on the mechanical characterization (microhardness, microstructures of the impacts) and geometrical to see the evolution of the diameter and depth of the impacts according to the number of shocks (cycles of impact), in order to know the plastic deformation.
Cite this paper: Boudoukha, H. and Djabi, S. (2013) Superficial tribological transformation of a ferritic stainless steel by dynamic microindentation. Natural Science, 5, 1199-1202. doi: 10.4236/ns.2013.511147.

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