JAMP  Vol.1 No.5 , November 2013
Approximation Solution for TEHL of Bevel Gears in PSD
Abstract: To study the lubrication of the contact zone between half-shaft gears and planet gears in the power-split device (PSD), TEHL line contact of bevel gears in PSD is approximately computed based on a theory in which a bevel gear is equalized to an equivalent spur gear. In the calculation, the housing is taken as the reference system and the influence of the housing’s rotating on the lubrication is ignored. Film pressure, film thickness and temperature rise are analyzed under maximum load condition. This research provides some approximate reference data for the design of lubrication and cooling system of PSD.
Cite this paper: Zhang, Y. , Li, Z. , Feng, S. , Ma, Y. and Tang, L. (2013) Approximation Solution for TEHL of Bevel Gears in PSD. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 1, 93-97. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2013.15014.

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