CN  Vol.5 No.3 C , September 2013
Design and Implementation of Mobile ServicesEvaluation System
Abstract: With the development of mobile network technology, mobile Web services have also been more and more attention, but standard Web protocols are not applicable in a mobile environment, so people began to design more efficient, compact and consume less mobile Web services protocol. In the course of research services protocol, a convenient and practical evaluation system will undoubtedly bring great help for the protocol, the paper design of mobile service evaluation system using a graphical way to display a variety of mobile services in the overhead data, system design a lightweight service protocol, and the protocol by the system for evaluation compared with a standard Web.
Cite this paper: My, R. and Liu, J. (2013) Design and Implementation of Mobile ServicesEvaluation System. Communications and Network, 5, 348-354. doi: 10.4236/cn.2013.53B2064.

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