CN  Vol.5 No.3 C , September 2013
Analysis of Relay Deployment Based on Handover Outage Probability in High Speed Scenarios
Abstract: The LTE and LTE-Advanced systems are supposed to be the most popular cellular network in 4Gnetworks. Relay technology is one of the most preferred technologies proposed in LTE-Advanced standardization to improve the capacity and coverage. This paper analyses the handover outage probability through relay deployment, and proposes some proofs and suggestions for relay deployment to minimize the handover outage probability in high speed scenarios.
Cite this paper: Jing, L. , Xu, X. and Wang, Y. (2013) Analysis of Relay Deployment Based on Handover Outage Probability in High Speed Scenarios. Communications and Network, 5, 344-347. doi: 10.4236/cn.2013.53B2063.

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