CN  Vol.5 No.1 B , February 2013
Design and Implementation of Embedded Web Server in Industrial Control Systems
Abstract: In the traditional project of industry control, the field operator is the only man who watches production condition at the production spot. Enterprise administers cannot obtain real-time production status and make real-time decision if they don’t reach the production spot. Because of the development of Embedded Web Server such status is being changed. The remote monitor and control mode based on Embedded Web Server provides complete exact real-time information for managers, and makes it possible to make a decision in real time. In the paper, the design and implements of Embedded Web Server are presented and the key realization technology of it is described in detail. EWS (Embedded Web Server) will effectively lower system operating cost and improve maintaining efficiency, which has wide application prospect and popularization value in industrial control systems.
Cite this paper: Liu, J. , Zhang, Y. , Xu, L. and Wang, J. (2013) Design and Implementation of Embedded Web Server in Industrial Control Systems. Communications and Network, 5, 65-68. doi: 10.4236/cn.2013.51B015.

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