JAMP  Vol.1 No.5 , November 2013
The Modified Heinz’s Inequality
Abstract: In my paper [1], we aimed to determine the best possible range of r such that the modified Heinz’s inequality holds for any bounded linear operators A and B on a Hilbert space H such as and for any given a and b such as a>0 and b>0. But the counter-examples prepared in [1] and also in [2] were not sufficient and, in this paper, we shall constitute the sufficient counter-examples which will satisfy all the lacking parts.
Cite this paper: Yoshino, T. (2013) The Modified Heinz’s Inequality. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 1, 65-70. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2013.15010.

[1]   T. Yoshino, “A Modified Heinz’s Inequality,” Linear Algebra and its Applications, Vol. 420, No. 2-3, 2007, pp. 686-699.

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