IB  Vol.5 No.2 B , June 2013
Performance Measurement of the Fourth Party Logistics Providers
Abstract: This paper presents a multicriterica decision making method (MCDM) to evaluate the performance of the fourth-party logistics providers. The four indexes of balanced scorecard (BSC) are used as the evaluation indexes. AHP (analytical hierarchy process) is used for rating the weights of criteria and alternatives. MCDM method of SAW (Simple Additive Weighting) is used for ranking the companies. Results show that the approach is applicable for the performance measurement problem.
Keywords: MCDM; AHP; SAW
Cite this paper: Chang, Y. (2013) Performance Measurement of the Fourth Party Logistics Providers. iBusiness, 5, 7-10. doi: 10.4236/ib.2013.52B002.

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