NS  Vol.5 No.10 , October 2013
Developmental stages and quality traits of giant African land snails [Archachatina marginata (swainson)] eggs
Abstract: Sixty sexually mature purebred black-skinned Archachatina marginata snails with weight ranging from 120.50 g to 135.70 g were used to generate eggs in this study. The eggs collected were incubated in a chamber filled with loamy soil for appropriate observation and assessment (cracking at four days intervals to check snailet’s development). Results obtained from the study showed that at laying snail egg weights ranged from 1.54 - 2.45 g (mean of 2.00 g). The egg lengths and widths ranged from 13.50 - 16.90 mm (mean of 15.20 mm) and 10.00 - 12.70 mm (mean of 11.40 mm) respectively. The results also revealed that at laying (day one) the egg content was translucent or clear (blank) when observed with light from a powered microscope. Observation of eggs on day four showed the formation of embryo with a semi-transparent cup attached to a long string body. On day 12, some specific organs of the snailet had developed, and there was a reduction in the liquid content. On day 28, the snailet was fully formed, but the shell still contained very small volume of liquid. The snailet hatched on day 29.
Cite this paper: Okon, B. , Ibom, L. , Ebenso, I. and Bassey, A. (2013) Developmental stages and quality traits of giant African land snails [Archachatina marginata (swainson)] eggs. Natural Science, 5, 1121-1126. doi: 10.4236/ns.2013.510137.

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