EPE  Vol.5 No.4 B , July 2013
Control of Unit Power Factor PWM Rectifier
Abstract: To solve the problem of harmonic pollution to the power grid that caused by traditional diode rectifier and phase controlled rectifier, the unit power factor PWM rectifier is designed. The topology structure of the rectifier circuit is introduced and the double closed-loop control strategy in three-phase stationary coordinate system is analyzed. For the deficiency of control strategy, the control strategy in two-phase synchronous rotating coordinate system is proposed. This makes the independent control of active current and reactive current to be realized. The simulation model of the PWM rectifier is built and the effectiveness of the control method proposed in this paper is verified by simulation.
Cite this paper: M. Xue and M. He, "Control of Unit Power Factor PWM Rectifier," Energy and Power Engineering, Vol. 5 No. 4, 2013, pp. 121-124. doi: 10.4236/epe.2013.54B023.

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