CN  Vol.5 No.3 C , September 2013
An ECG Monitoring and Alarming System Based On Android Smart Phone

ECG monitoring in daily life is an important means of treating heart disease. To make it easier for the medical to monitor the ECG of their patients outside the hospital, we designed and developed an ECG monitoring and alarming system based on Android smart phone. In our system, an ECG device collects the ECG signal and transmits it to an Android phone. The Android phone detects alarms which come from the ECG devices. When alarms occur, Android phone will capture the ECG images and the details about the alarms, and sends them to the cloud Alarm Server (AS). Once received, AS push the messages to doctors’ phone, so the doctors could see the ECG images and alarm details on their mobile phone. In our system, high resolution ECG pictures are transmitted to doctors’ phone in a user-friendly way, which can help doctors keep track of their patient’s condition easily.

Cite this paper: Guo, X. , Duan, X. , Gao, H. , Huang, A. and Jiao, B. (2013) An ECG Monitoring and Alarming System Based On Android Smart Phone. Communications and Network, 5, 584-589. doi: 10.4236/cn.2013.53B2105.

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