FMAR  Vol.1 No.4 , October 2013
Study materials lead to suspicion of an unnatural death—A case report
The knowledge of human skeletal structure is a minimum requirement for all students who are practicing medicine. The skeletal makeup is used as a study material to acquire the knowledge of human anatomy. Skeletal study materials are obtained from the authorized markets by medical and paramedical students and teachers.The study materials are either kept at home or in their hostel rooms. After their basic medical study, they either keep safe these articles for their future reference or pass to their subordinate medical associates. The main problem arises if these skeletal structures are not disposed properly, after their study which may lead the Investigating officer to various medicolegal queries on recovery of these skeleton parts. Here is an interesting case, where the human bones were recovered by the municipality workers scattered in the garbage pit, which lead the investigating officer to register a case of unnatural death and begin with series of medicolegal query.

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Kumar Shetty, B. and Rao Padubidri, J. (2013) Study materials lead to suspicion of an unnatural death—A case report. Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research, 1, 64-66. doi: 10.4236/fmar.2013.14013.
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