LCE  Vol.4 No.3 , September 2013
Improved Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Nanostructured Ceramic Membranes

A nanoporous-structured tubular hybrid inorganic membrane capable of stripping carbon dioxide from flue gas stream was designed and tested at laboratory scale to improve compliance with various environmental regulations to cushion the effect of global warming. Single gas separation experiments using silica modified ceramic membrane were carried out to investigate individual gas permeation behaviors at different pressures and membrane efficiency after a dip coating method. Four gases: Nitrogen (N2), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O2) and Methane (CH4) were used. Plots of flow rate versus pressure were generated. Results show that the gas flow rate increases with pressure drop. However at above a pressure of 4 bars, the flow rate of CO2 was much higher than the other gases, indicating dominance of a more selective absorptive type transport mechanism.

Cite this paper: N. Nwogu, E. Gobina and M. Kajama, "Improved Carbon Dioxide Capture Using Nanostructured Ceramic Membranes," Low Carbon Economy, Vol. 4 No. 3, 2013, pp. 125-128. doi: 10.4236/lce.2013.43013.

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