CRCM  Vol.2 No.5 , August 2013
A case of kidney metastasis in vulvar squamous cell carcinoma: A case report and review of literature
Abstract: Vulvar cancer is an uncommon tumor and represents 3%-5% of all female genital tract malignancies. Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common carcinoma of the vulva. Distant metastasis of recurrent vulvar squamous cell carcinoma is rare and occurs late in the disease process. We report the first case of kidney metastasis from a vulvar squamous cell carcinoma in a 68-year-old Caucasian female. On initial presentation she was treated with radical vulvectomy, upper urethrectomy with bilateral inguinal and deep femoral lymph node dissection. She was staged as FIGO stage IVA and also received adjuvant chemo-radiation. She remained in remission for 24 months. Subsequently she was found to have a kidney tumor and underwent nephrectomy and was diagnosed with metastatic squamous cell carcinoma from the vulva to the kidney. In cases of recurrent vulvar carcinoma distant metastasis to the bones, breast, and brain is only rarely reported. Metastasis to kidneys from vulvar carcinoma is exceptionally rare with no reported cases in the literature. Renal metastasis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of kidney tumor in this group of women.
Cite this paper: Agrawal, A. , Wood, K. , Giede, C. and Chibbar, R. (2013) A case of kidney metastasis in vulvar squamous cell carcinoma: A case report and review of literature. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 2, 306-309. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2013.25082.

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