NS  Vol.5 No.8 , August 2013
Study effects of El Jadida—Casablanca industrial zone neighbouring areas
Abstract: The analytical technique PIXE experiment for measuring light and heavy elements concentration inside different samples of soil and residual water collected in the region of Safi-El Jadida, where an industrial complex resided, was performed. The same method was used to investigate the presence of elements ranging from silicon to lead in different soils samples and seaweed collected upstream from the site of Safi-El Jadida industrial zone, inside lands and downstream of it, in the entrance of the Casablanca region. This study allows us to highlight the influence of activities of this industrial zone on the neighbouring areas the site.
Cite this paper: Gogon, H. , Erramli, H. , Sauvage, T. and Ramboz, C. (2013) Study effects of El Jadida—Casablanca industrial zone neighbouring areas. Natural Science, 5, 880-887. doi: 10.4236/ns.2013.58106.

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