CRCM  Vol.2 No.5 , August 2013
Non-caseating submental tuberculous lymphadenopathy: A case report
Abstract: Chronic peripheral lymphadenopathy in adults is an indication of pathology of which tuberculosis is the commonest in the developing countries. Presented is a 36-year-old with a huge chronic Submental lymphadenopathy in a seronegative patient of 7 years duration. Histology revealed non-caseating tuberculosis. Tuberculosis should be considered in Submental lymphadenopathy. Despite the long duration, the absence of cold abscess, and or sinus formation may be an indication of the non-caseating tuberculous lymphadenopathy.
Cite this paper: Asuquo, M. , Nwagbara, V. , Akpan, S. , Ebughe, G. , Ugbem, T. and Asuquo, I. (2013) Non-caseating submental tuberculous lymphadenopathy: A case report. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 2, 291-293. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2013.25078.

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