TI  Vol.4 No.3 , August 2013
Case Study on H Corp. Software Project Risk Management with ISM
Abstract: The comprehensive risk management system based on the software project features of H Corp. is established, the causal relationships among risk factors are discovered, and corresponding risk structure model is built with ISM. Five original risk factors are found, including requirements analysis risk, project communication risk, schedule risk, risk of system design, and risk of project cooperation. Finally, some specific counter measures are put forward to help H Corp. improve the ability of software project risk management.
Cite this paper: J. Wan, Y. Cao and J. Hou, "Case Study on H Corp. Software Project Risk Management with ISM," Technology and Investment, Vol. 4 No. 3, 2013, pp. 145-152. doi: 10.4236/ti.2013.43017.

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