MME  Vol.3 No.3 A , July 2013
Thermal Activation of Asymetrical Composites for Vibration Control
Abstract: The CBCM (Controlled Behaviour Composite Material) is a thermal active composite, which has been developed for morphing applications. The thermal activation is made by a source of heating generated within the composite structure. The coupling between the induced thermal field and the thermomechanical properties of the various components of the composite structure leads to the change of the structure shape. The heat source is generated by Joule effect, Carbon yarns inserted in the composite, are connected to a power supply. The application field of CBCM technology is the domain of shape modification and active assembly. The objective of this work is to illustrate the capabilities of CBCM in the domain of vibration control. We will study several reference plates with different constitution. The influences of these different constitutions, of the CBCM effect and the loss of stiffness for the matrix will be highlighted, for two boundary conditions, free/free and embedded/embedded.
Cite this paper: A. Imbert, G. L’Hostis, D. Rigel, F. Laurent and B. Durand, "Thermal Activation of Asymetrical Composites for Vibration Control," Modern Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 3 No. 3, 2013, pp. 1-8. doi: 10.4236/mme.2013.33A001.

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