AJAC  Vol.4 No.7 A , July 2013
Adsorption of Fe(III) from Aqueous Solution by Linde Type-A Zeolite
Abstract: Linde Type-A (LTA) zeolite was prepared from sodium aluminate and sodium metasilicate by hydrothermal process precursors. Sodium metasilicate prepared from molten NaOH and SiO2. The zeolite was characterized by FTIR, XRD, XRF and SEM. The adsorption of Fe(III) from aqueous solution by zeolite A was studied. Different parameters like contact time, pH and concentration of iron were investigated. The results show that at contact time of 60 min and pH of 6 maximum adsorption of iron onto zeolite was observed. The kinetic data was analyzed using pseudo-first-order and pseudo-second-order kinetic models. The adsorption kinetics of Fe(III) were fitted well with the pseudo-second-order kinetic model.
Cite this paper: S. Hashemian, S. Hosseini, H. Salehifar and K. Salari, "Adsorption of Fe(III) from Aqueous Solution by Linde Type-A Zeolite," American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 4 No. 7, 2013, pp. 123-126. doi: 10.4236/ajac.2013.47A017.

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