NS  Vol.5 No.7 , July 2013
The reaction of the iron thiosulfate-nitrosyl complex with adenosine triphosphoric acid
Abstract: Iron tetranitrosyl complex bearing the thiosulfate ligand (TNIC) is an efficient nitrogen monoxide donor (NO). He shows antitumor properties and may be used as an original drug for the therapy of acute coronary syndrome. In this work, the reaction of the TNIC with adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP) was studied. Formation of the products for the reaction of ATP with TNIC was shown by electronic microscopy. The kinetics of the reaction was controlled by spectrofluorometric method, and the complexation constant was measured. The mechanism of interaction of ATP with TNIC was proposed, and the relevant kinetic model satisfactorily described the experimental data, which permitted to calculate the rate constants for these process stages. NMR, IR, and M?ssbauer studies were used for determination of the reaction product structure. NMR study showed TNIC interaction only with adenine part of ATP. The method of IR spectroscopy identified both the absence NO in the reaction products and the occurrence of new Fe-S and Fe-N bonds. M?ssbauer study showed that iron in the reaction products was presented by two forms: Fe(II) and Fe(III). Thus, the structures for the [ATP-Fe2+S] and [ATP-Fe3+S] complexes were proposed.
Cite this paper: Saratovskikh, E. , Psikha, B. and Sanina, N. (2013) The reaction of the iron thiosulfate-nitrosyl complex with adenosine triphosphoric acid. Natural Science, 5, 800-810. doi: 10.4236/ns.2013.57097.

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