MRC  Vol.2 No.3 , July 2013
Investigation on the Catalytic Behavior of Fe Loaded on Encapsulated Titanium for Sonocatalytic Degradation of Amaranth: Characterization and Reusability Study
Abstract: The present study addressed the properties affecting the activity of a new heterogeneous catalyst Fe/Ti-NaY in the ultrasonic irradiated for decolorization of amaranth dye in aqueous solution. The catalyst was prepared by the ion exchange and impregnation method. Different characterization techniques, i.e. XRD, AFM, TEM and SEM/EDAX were done to characterize the properties of the fresh and used catalyst. This catalyst was able to keep its stability and high activity without any noticeable reduction in the decolorization efficiency of amaranth after three cycles of reaction. The X-ray diffraction proved the high stability and the crystallinity for the reuse catalyst. The COD removal for the fresh and used catalyst with and without calcination was 57%, 36% and 20% respectively. The hydrophilic properties of the heterogeneous catalyst increased slightly due to the loading of Ti and Fe ions.
Cite this paper: A. Alwash, A. Abdullah and N. Ismail, "Investigation on the Catalytic Behavior of Fe Loaded on Encapsulated Titanium for Sonocatalytic Degradation of Amaranth: Characterization and Reusability Study," Modern Research in Catalysis, Vol. 2 No. 3, 2013, pp. 100-109. doi: 10.4236/mrc.2013.23015.

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