NS  Vol.2 No.11 , November 2010
Excitations for the one-dimensional S = 1 pseudo-Heisenberg antiferromagnetic chain
Abstract: We are interested in the anisotropic S=1 antiferromagnetic chain. System of particles with an arbitrary spin is described directly from the first principles, based on the symmetry law. The ground state of the one-dimensional S=1 pseudo-Heisenberg antiferromagnet with single-ion anisotropy is calculated. Excitations of the chain in the form of nonlinear spin waves and, in particular, the possibility of a soliton solution is considered.
Cite this paper: Orlenko, E. , Orlenko, F. and Zegrya, G. (2010) Excitations for the one-dimensional S = 1 pseudo-Heisenberg antiferromagnetic chain. Natural Science, 2, 1287-1291. doi: 10.4236/ns.2010.211155.

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