ICA  Vol.4 No.2 , May 2013
Modeling and Adaptive Control of an Omni-Mecanum-Wheeled Robot
Abstract: The complete dynamics model of a four-Mecanum-wheeled robot considering mass eccentricity and friction uncertainty is derived using the Lagrange’s equation. Then based on the dynamics model, a nonlinear stable adaptive control law is derived using the backstepping method via Lyapunov stability theory. In order to compensate for the model uncertainty, a nonlinear damping term is included in the control law, and the parameter update law with σ-modification is considered for the uncertainty estimation. Computer simulations are conducted to illustrate the suggested control approach.
Cite this paper: Lin, L. and Shih, H. (2013) Modeling and Adaptive Control of an Omni-Mecanum-Wheeled Robot. Intelligent Control and Automation, 4, 166-179. doi: 10.4236/ica.2013.42021.

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