OJOph  Vol.3 No.2 , May 2013
Orbital Epithelial Implantation Cyst Presenting 40 Years after Orbital Trauma
Abstract: Here we present an unusual case of an epithelial implantation cyst within the orbit which presented 40 years after initial injury from an airgun pellet. A retrospective review of the case was performed. This case highlights the importance of taking a thorough history when assessing adnexal lesions of undetermined origin.
Cite this paper: Pasu, S. and Chakraborty, P. (2013) Orbital Epithelial Implantation Cyst Presenting 40 Years after Orbital Trauma. Open Journal of Ophthalmology, 3, 25-26. doi: 10.4236/ojoph.2013.32007.

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