NS  Vol.5 No.4 A , April 2013
On the analogy in evolution processes and the behavior of a magnetically ordered systems
Abstract: Common regularities in the biology evolution and the magnetization processes of magnetically ordered materials have been demonstrated. The arrays of the experimental data have been accumulated in the registration process of a weak polarization-optical response of borate iron at the presence of external magnetic field. It is shown that the magnetic behavior of response in some respects analogous to processes in biologically systems, such as differentiation, convergence, the development of clones, etc. It is predicted the existence of the weaving development that combines the characteristics of the processes of differentiation and convergence. More detail are considered the phenomenon nie the branch points; it is shown the possibility of the acceleration, retardation, and wavelike development. The proposed approach may be useful for comparison, the study and predict development scenarios for actual organized systems of various natures (ecological, social, financial, informative etc.), and high degree of hierarchical complexity.
Cite this paper: Fofanov, Y. (2013) On the analogy in evolution processes and the behavior of a magnetically ordered systems. Natural Science, 5, 14-17. doi: 10.4236/ns.2013.54A003.

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