MRC  Vol.2 No.2 , April 2013
Cationic Metalloporphyrins Imobilized in Faujasite Zeolites as a Cytochrome P-450 Mimic
Abstract: Metalloporphyrins immobilized into NaY zeolite are described as catalysts for hydrocarbon oxyfuntionalization. Manganese(III) and iron(III)tetrakis(4-N-methylpyridyl)-porphyrin (MnP1 and FeP1), and manganese(III) and iron(III) tetrakis(4-N-benzylpiridil)-porphyrin (MnP2 and FeP2) were impregnated (MnP1-NaYimp, FeP1-NaYimp, MnP2-NaYimp, FeP2-NaYimp, respectively) and encapsulated (MnP1-NaY, FeP1-NaY, MnP2-NaY and FeP2-NaY) into the NaY zeolite. These catalysts were used in the oxidation of (Z)-cyclooctene, cyclohexane, and adamantane by iodosylbezene (PhIO). These systems were able to epoxidize (Z)-cyclooctene with cis-epoxycyclooctane yields as high as 100%. By using cyclohexane and adamantane as substrate, the susceptibility of the benzyl groups on the porphyrin ring of the MnP materials, led to a different distribution of the oxidized products. With FePs, this susceptibility was not detected because the species responsible for the oxidations, FeIV(O)P·+, is more active than MnV(O)P. In conclusion, cationic metalloporphyrins immobilized into NaX zeolites, are good cytochrome P-450 models is less polar solvents since the selectivity of the system indicates the “in cage” solvent oxygen rebound oxidative process.
Cite this paper: L. Lôvo, F. Skrobot, G. Azzellini, Y. Iamamoto and I. Rosa, "Cationic Metalloporphyrins Imobilized in Faujasite Zeolites as a Cytochrome P-450 Mimic," Modern Research in Catalysis, Vol. 2 No. 2, 2013, pp. 47-55. doi: 10.4236/mrc.2013.22008.

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