ALS  Vol.1 No.2 , April 2013
“Choke” Chuck Palahniuk Book Review
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Abstract: Victor Mancini, the protagonist, did not have a happy childhood as his mother was constantly committing crimes; therefore, she was mostly in jail. Victor was mostly brought up by other families so he grew up without family affection. Today Victor is in his twenties, but he has got problems. Victor feels lonely and he cannot forget his past. He tries to forget his loneliness and has become sex addicted. He intentionally chokes while eating in expensive restaurants, and there is always someone who saves him. A close rela-tionship between him and his saver starts. His saver even sends him money. But Victor is not doing this for money. Another problem he has: Victor thinks he is Jesus Christ and he likes this idea because this will help him to realize he could be a nice guy. Victor never means to deceive other people. He does all these things to get attention of people. He is searching for love, he is seeking for affection.
Cite this paper: Mart, Ç. (2013) “Choke” Chuck Palahniuk Book Review. Advances in Literary Study, 1, 16-18. doi: 10.4236/als.2013.12005.

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