OJOph  Vol.3 No.1 , February 2013
Merkel Cell Carcinoma of Eyelid: A Rare Clinical Presentation and Diagnostic Challenge

The purpose of this paper is to report a case of rare localised (limited to eyelid) malignant eyelid tumor in a 70 year old Indian male. Histopathology confirmed it to be a Merkel cell carcinoma. Surgical excision and eyelid reconstruction was done successfully. No local or systemic recurrence has been noted at a follow up of 2 years. The well defined nature of a highly malignant tumor, its localised presentation and management is being described in following report.

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M. Singh, S. Singh, U. Singh and Z. Zadeng, "Merkel Cell Carcinoma of Eyelid: A Rare Clinical Presentation and Diagnostic Challenge," Open Journal of Ophthalmology, Vol. 3 No. 1, 2013, pp. 16-18. doi: 10.4236/ojoph.2013.31005.

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